About Akcees

We are a young and dynamic organization, a team of young professionals in love with entrepreneurship. We started up on 11.11.11 sharing a common vision: to become the most powerful catalyst for the entrepreneurial spark of young people. A couple of months later, more exactly on 25.02.12, we had our official launch. Ever since, we have been providing through our projects and initiatives akcees to world-class education and professional experiences, as well as networking, mentorship, and financing opportunities. This is our way to help young people with entrepreneurial ambitions materialize their ideas and make their dreams come true.

We believe that our values are more than simple words on paper so we are guided in everything we do by 5 fundamental principles: passion, proactivity, performance, professionalism, progress.

13 young people determined to make things happen are behind all our projects. Please meet our amazing team!

Şerban – The Visionary

Şerban is the intellectual architect, the mastermind behind every one of our projects. He is in charge with strategy and planning, he is responsible with our website and our branding, and is the lucky (or not so lucky) coordinator of a team of 12 girls and also of Entrepreneurship Trainee. President of Akcees, Serban has a bachelor degree in Computer Science from City College – University of Sheffield, a triple master degree in IT Management obtained in France, Finland, and the Netherlands, and is currently a PhD Candidate in Technological Chance and Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University.

Irina – The Achiever

You have seen Irina anywhere and everywhere: at our projects, as special guest, speaker, co-organizer, or participants at plenty other events. When she is not attending these events, she writes e-mails or speaks on the phone and Skype making sure that all our projects are on time, and budget, and they reach our objectives. She has a bachelor in International Economics and Business (ASE Bucharest), a master degree in Political Economy and Management (Oslo and Paris) and a second master in International Project Management. She is passionate about PR and communication and, besides Akcees, she has recently launched her own niche agency: Prove PR.

Mihaela – The Guru

We call her Miky and she is responsible for not forgetting anything for our projects. Miky is in charge with all the logistical aspects of our events and with centralizing the applications that we receive. In the same time, she coordinates the Start Me Up mentoring sessions. She has a double bachelor degree in International Economics and Business, a master degree in International Financial Risk Management and is currently working at Investors’ Compensation Fund.

Cătălina – The HR Expert

If you applied so far to one of our projects, you have already talked with Cătă. She works with Miky for centralizing and analysing the applications for our projects, she sends the results of the selection process, and make sure that each and every participant knows where he/she has to arrive and what has to be done. Besides this, Cătă is the Project Manager of Workshop Sessions. When she is not volunteering for Akcees, she works for the fashion house Iza Van Dee. She studies Law and Finance and is passionate about diplomacy and international relations.

Giorgiana – The Media Expert

For us she’s Goe and is “guilty” of making us so visible. Goe handles the media relations, closes media partnerships, arranges interviews and TV shows, sends press releases and publishes articles with and about Akcees. Besides, she is the Project Manager of Career Leader. She holds a bachelor degree in Finance and Banking (ASE Bucharest) and is currently a master student at DOFIN (Doctoral School of Finance and Banking).

Teodora – The Marketeer

Teo handles the relations with all partner communities and makes sure that we support each other and we notify the Akcees community of all the interesting initiatives that we hear about. Teo is also responsible with the design of our magazine and of the flyers, posters, and banners for our projects. She has lead the Idea Exchange networking events, and now she transferred her responsibilities and became Project Manager for the Akcees Magazine. She is in her last of year of studies and is about to receive a Marketing bachelor degree from ASE Bucharest.

Raluca – The Researcher

Ralu is passionate about scientific research and international relations and is putting her passions at work in Akcees. She closes partnerships and maintains the relation with the international organizations and the chambers of commerce, and develops international projects that can be locally implemented by us. Moreover, she identifies international collaboration opportunities. Ralu graduated bachelor studies and is currently following a master programm in economics at Science Po Paris.

Ioana – The Geekete

Ioana graduated Informatics at the University of Bucharest and is the only girl in the team that knows to code. That’s why she is “geekete” and she works with Şerban at our website and our web apps. She joined the Akcees team after attending Start Me Up and is one of our evangelists: the people that make our story go forward!

Cristina – The Consigliere

Cristina is the newest member of Akcees team, she is going to advice and assist us in metters of organization and to create a development strategy. Is obsessed with order and keeping promisses and at the same time she manages to be very close to peolple. Cristina was Bank Manager for 7 years and now is Sales Manager at Smart Bill.

We are the Akcees team and we hope to meet you soon at our projects and events!