Entrepreneur X-Factor teaches you how to be world class

A recent study states that the top ranked site in Google gets 36.4% of the clicks, with the second place  only getting 1/3rd of that. Could you imagine the difference in revenues?  In fact it’s the same in everything.  As in business, the top few entrepreneurs or career executives make most amazing things and revenues. The question is: how do you get to be world class? You’ll find out the answer by attending Entrepreneur X-Factor!

You might be surprised to know it’s not at all what you think. In fact it’s a combination of:

  • Brilliant communication catering to all audiences with outstanding clarity of message
  • Being an intuitive and transformational leader that is ahead of trends, that sets the game and doesn’t wait for others
  • Focussing not on what you don’t do well, but on the one thing you do better than everyone else and exploiting the hell out of it

Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor will bring you at TechHub Bucharest for one day. By attending, you’ll get the chance to meet Dave Rogers and Mike Handcock, speakers that went to 23 countries in 2012 working with exceptional entrepreneurs, billionaires and high achieving career minded individuals.

Entrepreneur ‘X’ Factor will be like no other day you have spent at a course. The information they share is so unique, so brilliant and so applicable that it is worth every single penny. Plus you have the chance to be this year Entrepreneur X Factor winner to compete with other winners from over 20 cities globally. Do you want to take this chance?

If you are at the point where you want to transform your life, your business, and stand out from the crowd, then click on the link below, using the promotional code XFA129 for 25% off offered especially for Akcees’s community. Register now at http://xfactor2013bcrst-akcees.eventbrite.co.nz/.