TechHub Meetup: Startup life – the employee perspective

TechHub Meetup: Startup life – the employee perspective

If you’re not ready yet to launch your own startup, the second best alternative is for sure to work for one. How is the startup life? Does the ever changing startup environment make your experience more exciting and more engaging, or does it come with a terrible uncertainty for what tomorrow might bring? These are among the questions that will be answered by the guests of the next TechHub Meetup that will take place on Thursday, February 6, at TechHub Bucharest.

The special guests of the next TechHub Meetup are people with different startup experiences, and you will get the chance to meet them and to find answers to your questions. Join the event to talk to:

  • Cristi Badea – currently co-founder of MavenHut leading a team of more than 10 people, who also brings his previous experience of being a startup employees;
  • Robert Knapp – Cyberghost Co-Founder; Robert has worked in vastly dissimilar industries and ended up building his own startup, with a great culture that celebrates tech talent,
  • Andrei Ismail – Lead Developer UberVu, who can tell us what it’s like to be in a startup that got acquired and is currently undergoing a transformation phase.

The talks will be moderated by Mădălina Uceanu (Senior HR, Executive Consultant şi Career Coach) having more than 19 years HR experience in Romania!

Still thinking about it? Join us to find out what’s different about working in a startup and what is the profile of the people that fit in this type of environment. See you on Thursday at TechHub Bucharest. Don’t forget to register online at to save one of the free places available to the event.